I am a 6-12 math teacher and department chair trying to make the struggle to understand teaching and learning as productive as possible. I've taught most subjects, but my expertise lies in geometry. I have worked in five different schools, one abroad in London, one start-up school. Since nothing is relevant without context, here are a few words to describe the school I currently teach at:
  • New England Urban
  • Ethnically and Culturally Diverse
  • Public Magnet School
And, here is a food-inspired pie chart of my 2014 advisory's heritages:

And just in case you need it... here is my official biography:

Bob Janes is currently the mathematics department chair for grades grade 6-12 at The Academy of Science and Innovation within the Capitol Region Education Council in Connecticut. Within this role he supports both interdisciplinary grade level and departmental teams to improve curriculum and instruction, while still remaining in the classroom. Bob strongly believes in the importance of international collaboration. He has previously taught at Rooks Heath School in London, UK where he conducted a study that compared the teacher evaluation systems in the United States to the United Kingdom. More recently, he attended the International Congress on Mathematical Education in Hamburg, Germany; the Park City Math Institute in Park City, Utah; and the NCTM Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas via a Future Leader Grant. Bob is an active member of the online mathematics education community and often blogs, tweets, and attends meetups. He has also presented his work in person at many conferences including NCTM, NCSM, ATOMIC, and TMC. His passion for mathematics is surpassed only by his love of music, and he is always excited to share how these two disciplines connect. Bob is constantly striving to improve his craft and the craft of those around him in an effort to provide the best education for students.

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