Sunday, July 12, 2015

Five Things I Learned in the High Uinta Mountain Range

1. Ground mats are essential. You might not think that a thin strip of foam between your sleeping bag and the ground would be a big deal, but without it the ground saps the heat out of you.

2. Starting a fire against a rock is a blessing and a curse. It often provides a good wind break and reflects the heat back at you. Unfortunately, it forces the smoke to blow right at you if the wind is uncooperative.

3. You can drink out of mountain springs without boiling or purification.

4. There is still snow on the ground in July, but only if you're at 11,000 ft.

5. The small clearing on the far side of Amethyst Lake in the High Uinta Mountains is one of the most beautiful camp sites I have ever seen.

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